The smartLAB fit W Software Update important for Samsung S Health App User

When connecting the smartLAB fit W to the Samsung S Health App it has shown that the S Health App sends incorrect profile information to the smartLAB scale.

Entered values like body height or gender are reset to default on the scale by the App. This may cause an incorrect measurement and calculation of certain values on the scale.

With the newest Update for the smartLAB fit W Body Analysing Scale this problem could be antagonized. You can use the smartLAB Flashtool to update your scale easily with your Android Smartphone or Tablet. You just need to download the smartLAB Flashtool App available on Google Play Store.

Please download the smartLAB Flashtool App, then choose the correct smartLAB device after installing and follow the instructions in the App. After this has ended successfully you can enter your data into the smartLAB fit W again.

The link to the App:

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