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Welcome to the HMM

Our activities focus on our customer's personal wellness and protection.
Our mission is to offer premium quality products with outstanding application features at competitive prices. With care and attention to detail, we manufacture all of our products ourselves in order to maintain the quality standard. Our product assortment is put together in accordance with these criteria.

Our products and services include prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases thus contributing to an improved wellness and a higher quality of life. Our products focus on the special needs of the medical industries. They can be found in various clinics, doctor offices, hospitals, and medical channels. Our products meet or exceed standard laws and regulations governing such products.

Our products undergo rigorous quality checks by independent authorities. Permanent ongoing tests and a worldwide certification make our products even more reliable. This process provides the customer with the highest quality product available.en

smartLAB Helath in Perfection


Our smartLAB brand is a growing German brand, which is becoming increasingly popular wit...

smartLAB brand

hLine logo_NEU


With hLine we offer a system, which can be included into telemonitoring systems, medical...

hLine - Wellness by HMM. Telemonitoring made easy.

fitmetfit and hline products


We offer several Apps, which can be used with the smartLAB devices with wireless data tr...

Apps developed by HMM for several usage and devices.



We offer various portals that can be used depending on the application. fitmefit.com is ...

Portals developed by HMM for fitness and health care

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