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fitmefit move App

The fitmefit move app is used to connect and transfer measured data via smartLAB products with data transmission.
Compatible products include:
smartLAB pedometer:
  • smartLAB move B
  • smartLAB walk B

smartLAB scales with data transmission:

  • smartLAB scale W
  • smartLAB fit W

smartLAB Fitness

  • smartLAB hrm W Heart Rate Belt
  • smartLAB rope skipping rope

With the fitmefit move app you can save the measured data locally on your smartphone and thus keep a better overview of your current fitness level.

The operation of the app is kept very simple. The data transfer takes place automatically as soon as the devices with serial number have been entered in the app. The entry is made automatically at the beginning of the setup by a scan.

On the main page you will see the current daily values. Even the last data of your training can be seen here.

In the lower navigation menu you can access the various options of the app:

  • Home screen
  • Steps display
  • Weight overview
  • Trainigs mode heart rate
  • Training mode skipping rope
  • Training

The app not only supports the weight, but also shows other values ​​such as fat, muscle etc., which have been captured via the smartLAB fit W body analysis scale.

The app can also be used without scales. You can enter your values ​​manually. Steps can not be entered manually.

You can also transfer the collected data to other systems. The following systems are connected to the fitmefit move app:

1- fitmefit (Steps and Body Analyzed Values)

2- Garmin Connect (Only Weight)

3- Google fit. (Steps and Weight)

4- Apple Health Kit (Weight, only iPhone)


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