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hLine App

With the hLine App you can keep an overview of your vital data such as blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and steps. Wireless data transfer allows an automatic transmission and easy administration of your measured data.

The hLine App enables the connection of different smartLAB devices from different areas of interest. Following devices work with the App:

  • smartLAB global W nG blood glucose meter
  • smartLAB profi+ blood pressure meter
  • smartLAB scale W weight scale
  • smartLAB fit W body analyzer scale
  • smartLAB walk P+/ walk B step counter
  • smartLAB move+/ move B step counter

Please find more information on the devices under www.hmm.info.

With this App measured values from the areas blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and steps can be received and saved locally on you mobile device. This way data can be collected and an overview can be kept.

The hLine App displays measured data and allows the administration of your values. Data can be send via Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+ from the listed devices to your mobile device. Which type of data transmission is supported by your device can be read in the accordant instructions. Additionally all values except steps can be entered manually into the App.

The main screen is the diary, which always displays when starting the App. Here all current data of the day will be shown. Data can also be entered manually on this screen.

Measured data of the different areas can be individually reviewed under the according icon. Data is displayed as table or as graph. The value-table is shown when entering the individual area. To display the graph the device needs to be turned crosswise.

The next version of the app will support the connection to different systems including Apple Health Kit and hLine-Online.com.

Please consider that the APP uses Bluetooth connections, which increases the battery consumption.

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