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ANT USB Adapter

  • Hmm
  • Jun 03, 2015
  • smartLAB


We have received several inquiries concerning the hLine ANT USB Adapters. The adapter is comparable to the Garmin ANT+ USB Stick. It’s a USB 2.0 Stick which supports the ANT+ protocol. The stick can be used for PC and Mac. Further names used for this kind of stick are ANT2 or ANT USB2. Please do not confuse the stick with the (longer) ANT1 USB Stick. The ANT USB2 adapter is a nano stick.

This USB Adapter can be connected to an android mobile through the OTG Micro-B cable. This way you can use ANT also with your android mobile. You need to install two different APPs on your device before it is possible to use the adapter. Following APPs are required: ANT Radio Service and ANT USB Service. After the installation you can use the adapter with your phone.

If using a PC with Windows 7 or higher, no further driver installation is required. Windows automatically recognizes the adapter when inserting it. When using Windows 10 or XP a driver needs to be installed. You can find the driver here.

If you are using a MAC it will work automatically. MAC recognizes the ANT Stick and all the software on a MAC that supports ANT Stick will work together with the stick.

Garmin uses the ANT-technology for several of their products. The Adapter works with the garmin products, which supports the ANT transmission


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