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What is the difference between fitmefit and hLine-online

  • Hmm
  • Jun 03, 2015
  • fitmefit

Difference between fitmefit and hLine-Online

www.fitmefit.com and www.hLine-Online.com are online portals where measured data, which have been collected by diagnostic devices, can be saved and visualized. Devices for measuring the blood pressure or blood glucose, weight scales and step counters are part of those diagnostic devices. The portals are used for different purposes. Because some devices are medical devices a differentiation between the portals was necessary.

The www.fitmefit.com portal does not include any medical device and is used to increase the motivation for more movement on daily bases.

www.hLine-Online.com allows the collection and administration of medical data and can not only be used to supervise chronicle ill people as well as for the prevention of such illnesses. The reason for the separation is as mentioned that medical devices are included in the system. As medical solutions underlie different regulations and laws a separation was necessary.

You can find more information on the portals on the websites.


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