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Zuri Care Management System

Zuri Care Management System

„With an ageing population, coupled with a hospital bed crisis, the NHS is now encouraging older people to remain at home longer. The future care of people will no longer be confined to a physical stay in a hospital or nursing home, but defined on how to make people feel the best they can in their own home. Care to older people will be centrally monitored and handled by a community of care takers.

The leading edge Zuri® Care Management System has been specifically designed to help care agencies and nurses to care for those people easily and efficiently. To do so, Zuri’s partnership with HMM Diagnostics GmbH means that Zuri® is the first care management system to fully integrate connected objects allowing people staying at home to be monitored discreetly and securely 24 hours a day without any requirements from the person concerned.

Welcome to the new Zuri® Connect solution together with smartLAB devices creating a hybrid world where the community of caregivers for the elderly is informed in real time by these smart devices providing care for this growing section of the population in new and beneficial ways.“

More information about Zuri: www.zuri.care

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