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hLine App now available – Keep an overview of your vital data

  • Hmm
  • Apr 17, 2016
  • hline

With the new hLine App you can collect your vital data such as blood glucose, blood pressure and weight and save these locally on your mobile device.

The App has a user-friendly interface. When starting the App you will enter the daily diary. An overview of your values of the current day is shown here. You can switch between the days to see data of other days. With the area-icons you will receive a summary of your values of the past days as table or graph. When turning your mobile device in 90° it will show the graph.

All values except for steps can be entered manually.

Automatic data transmission with our smartLAB products

Most of our smartLAB products with integrated wireless data transmission allow an automatic data transfer of measured data to the hLine App. With smartLAB and wireless technology you can collect and administer your vital data easily and keep yourself an overview.

These products of our smartLAB Family are compatible with the hLine App:
smartLAB global W nG Blood Glucose Meter
smartLAB pressure W Blood Pressure Meter
– smartLAB fit W Body-Analyser-Scale
– smartLAB scale W Bathroom Scale
– smartLAB walk B/ walk P+ 3D-step counter with display
– smartLAB move B/ move + 3D-step counter

Keep a complete overview – not only of your vital data

Another speciality of the hLine App is the note-function for each value.

Is you blood pressure higher than usual, which is however due to a special situation? Note this information to your value so you or another person can comprehend, why this value has been higher than the others.

Please find more information on the App


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