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Mentor Functions

  • Hmm
  • May 27, 2015
  • hline

Mentor Functions

Are you asking yourself what a mentor is? A mentor is a supervisor of an user on hLine-Online.com. A doctor, a telemonitoring coaching company or a relative can take over this supervision.

Here an example: An older woman is living in a home for the elderly. Her relatives would like to know how her health is doing. The woman suffers under high blood pressure and diabetes. With the hLine-Online concept the woman (or the staff) can measure her blood pressure and blood sugar as usual. The data will then be wirelessly and automatically transferred (via the hFon collect home) to the Portal. No further adjustments need to be done. Now her relatives (or medical staff) can view the measured data. Additionally alerts can be send, for example when no measurement has been taken or the values are out of the normal range. If no alerts are received, everything is well.


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