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New blood pressure devices smartLAB pressure and smartLAB pressure W

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  • Mar 22, 2017

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, 22.03.2017 | HMM is presenting their new blood pressure devices smartLAB pressure and smartLAB pressure W

smartLAB pressure and smartLAB pressure W are upper-arm blood pressure monitors with many useful additional features. These two devices will be replacing the smartLAB profi-I and the smartLAB profi+.

Both devices have the latest technology by measuring during inflation for higher comfort. The large display makes it possible to read the values easily. On a color scale beside the display the user can instantly see if the blood pressure is in a normal range (WHO evaluation system). Additionally, it can detect irregular heartbeats during the measurement.

The device has 2 user profiles and a memory of 60 readings for each user with date and time.

The smartLAB pressure W has a Bluetooth communication interface. The data can be transferred wirelessly to a compatible receiving device. With the hLine App, available for Android and iOS, measured data can be sent to a Smartphone or Tablet and can be saved and administered there. The data transmission is enabled by Bluetooth, which is supported by most iOS and Android devices.

„The smartLAB pressure and smartLAB pressure W are great additions to our assortment. With their modern design and large display it is easy for the user to read his values,“ explains Maher Khoury, CEO of HMM Diagnostics GmbH. „The smartLAB pressure W additionally has an integrated Bluetooth® module, with which data can be transmitted to a corresponding receiving device.”

Mr Khoury finds that the smartLAB pressure-series is a perfect replacement for the smartLAB profi devices. „The smartLAB profi devices where very successful on the market, but did not represent a future bringing perspective taking its weight and size into consideration. This is way we have decided to replace these with a smaller and lighter device with the same quality standard.”

„With the hLine App measured data by the smartLAB pressure W can be displayed and locally saved on your Smartphone or Tablet. As Bluetooth® is supported by iPhones and Android Smartphones, these can be used as receiving devices with the hLine App,“ says Herr Khoury.

The smartLAB pressure and smartLAB pressure W will be available in the hShop starting from the 22.03.2017. The hLine App is available for iOS and Android.

Find more information on the smartLAB range here: https://www.hmm.info.

Please find here the hShop https://www.hshop.info

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