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New update of the fitmefit move App with modern design and improved features

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  • Hmm
  • Apr 18, 2017

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, 18.04.2017 | Revised usability and a new customer experience offers the new version of the fitmefit move App

With the new update of the fitmefit move App HMM responses to the wishes and comments of its customers, as customer satisfaction is most important and is taken serious at HMM. In addition to the new design the usability has been improved, new functions implemented and a clear and intuitive usage has been built into the App.

After the installation the App askes the user to first enter his profile information. These information are important to correctly set the smartLAB devices. After that the user will be led to the device setup where he can search and pair his devices with the App.

When the devices have been paired successfully the user will see the overview screen, where all current values are displayed. Parallel to that the app is collecting the measured information of the devices and setting these.

In the overview screen steps, weight and calorie consumption are displayed. The weight can also be entered manually, if the user does not have a smartLAB scale. More detailed information on steps and weight can be seen by tapping on the value. Here the data are displayed as list or as graph.

The collected data of the compatible smartLAB devices can be send to different systems. These are for example fitmefit.com, Google Fit, Garmin Connect and for iOS even the Apple Health Kit. Most systems only support the transfer of weight and not of the other values of the body-analysis.

In the future further functions will be included into the fitmefit move App, which are already displayed in the App. A training function for heart rate and a jumpling rope are in planning.

The fitmefit move App is compatible with the smartLAB step counters as well as the smartLAB scales. The smartLAB scale App, which has been used mostly with the smartLAB scales, will also be updated with the new interface. In the future though, there will be no further function update, only bug fixes. For this reason, it is recommended to change the App if possible. Users will be informed with the new update of the fitmefit scale App.

The fitmefit move App update is already available.

All smartLAB devices are available in the hShop. The fitmefit move App is available for iOS and Android.

For more information please visit: https://www.hmm.info.

You can get to the hShop Online Store here: https://www.hshop.info

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The HMM Group is an independent, research and manufacturing company with headquarters in Dossenheim near Heidelberg. The main activity of the company is the development, production and marketing of healthcare products and services.

The HMM Group was founded in 2004 and includes the HMM Holding AG, HMM Diagnostics GmbH and HMM Vertriebs GmbH. Main products of the Group are the smartLAB product family the hFon-series,  hLine, hLine-Online.com and the online portal www.fitmefit.com

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