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Fitness-Management-System Hartline presented at FIBO 2018

HARTLINE Group Fitness Management System
  • Hmm
  • Mar 01, 2018

HMM presents at the FIBO 2018 the group-fitness-management system, with which vital data can be collected and displayed from the participants during a training session.

The Hartline system is independent of the kind of workout and can be used anywhere, where WiFi is available –even outside.

During a training session, heart rate and cadence (during a cycling lesson) can be collected via specific sensors. Each participant’s data is collected with the Group Fitness Hub, which is connected to WiFi. From there, the data can be viewed either on a tablet or directly on a TV. To display the data, an app is included into the Hartline system, which is managed by a couch account. Couch accounts are created by the manager account. With the coach account, the trainer can make adjustments and changes before a training session as well as view individual data from previous recordings.

Each participant is previously created in the app and the worn sensor is assigned to that person. This will allow each participant to view their own values. Color indicators in the app show in which heart rate range the user is currently located. In addition to the heart rate data and the cadence and the calorie consumption during the exercise is displayed in the app. Up to 40 users can be collected and displayed at the same time.

The following devices can be combined in connection with the Hartline system:

  • Group Fitness Hub
  • Special TV box to display the app on a TV
  • Heart rate chest strap
  • Cadence Sensor
  • Armband heart rate monitor

It is possible to customize the app and include your logo and wallpaper.

With Hartline you get a system with all the components needed to measure and record vital data while exercising in your gym.

More Information on Hartline here.

The Hartline System has been nominated for the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award in the categories Digital Fitness and Health / Prevention. Please find more information in the press release of the FIBO.


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