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hFon plus Telehealth Touchscreen Smartphone with integrated smartLAB Blood Glucose Meter

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  • Hmm
  • Nov 02, 2016

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, 02.11.2016 | Blood Glucose Meter and Smartphone in one device – now possible with the hFon plus by HMM

Mobility increase in the daily life with diabetes! This is one of many benefits of the Android Smartphone hFon plus. With this Telehealth Mobile Phone HMM offers their customers much more comfort on daily bases and simplifies their measuring routines.

hFon plus is an Android Smartphone with the Android version 4.1. Besides the standards of a mobile phone, the hFon plus has a module slot, where a blood glucose system is integrated – the smartLAB hbgm.

This blood glucose meter is a medically certified measuring system, which fulfills the newest ISO-Standard for blood glucose meters. Required for this blood glucose measuring system are the hFon plus smartLAB pro MEA Edition test strips, which are included in the starter set.

The hbgm App, which is already installed on the phone, enables the measurement of the blood glucose on the hFon plus. Additionally, the user can change the units and review saved values in the App.

A further benefit of the hFon plus is its function in the area of health management and data transmission to telemonitoring systems. With the integrated ANT module vital data, which has been measured by compatible smartLAB devices, can be transmitted through the hFon plus to a telemonitoring system, such as hLine-Online.com. Measured data can also be saved and administered locally with the hFon App which allows a comprehensive health management for the customer.

The hFon plus has an integrated memory of 512 MB RAM / 4 GB ROM, a 3D acceleration sensor, GPS and supports a micro SD Card up to 32 GB. The 4.0 Touch Screen display has a high resolution and allows a comfortable reading of the values.

„The hFon plus is a multi-functional Smartphone, which is specially design for diabetic, but also suits people, who regularly measure their blood glucose, need to be mobile and do not want to carry with them two different devices„ says Maher Khoury, CEO of HMM Diagnostics GmbH. „It connects the features of a telehealth-measuring device with these of an android smartphone and this way is a further improvement in the field of mobility for diabetic as well as mobile patient control.” 

„Besides the blood glucose values, which can be directly measured with the hFon plus, further products of the smartLAB familie can be connected to this smartphone. Blood pressure, weight and steps can additionally be collected and saved by the hFon App on the hFon plus. The customer has the possibility to retrieve his values and keep an overview of his current status“, Khoury adds.

The hFon plus with the integrated smartLAB hbgm blood glucose system is available starting November, 7th 2016 in the hShop. Included in the starter set are, besides the phone and the blood glucose meter, the suitable test strips, lancets and a lancing device.

Please find more information on the smartLAB products on https://www.hmm.info.

For more information on the hLine-Online.com portal visit www.hLine-Online.com and www.hmm.info. The Online Shop can be found here https://www.hshop.info

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Main products of the HMM Diagnostics GmbH are the smartLAB product family the hFon-series, hLine, hLine-Online.com and the online portal www.fitmefit.com

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