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General Principle

Our principles

  1. Sustainable and comprehensive Medicare

All our activities are aimed on the well-being and the protection of the person. Our mission is to offer qualitatively high-quality products with prominent use qualities. Our product port folio is put together carefully. We offer individual products for the most different needs. By intensive research and technical development we are always anxious to put on the market innovative products in the areas of diagnostics, health and wellness. We make an active contribution to a comprehensive health care with our products. Our aim is to improve the medical care at home and on the way with lasting effect and to develop all over the country.

  1. Investing in the future with product innovation

We would like to continue developing not only strictly our products, but to create new healthcare, fitness and wellness products and put them on the market. So we can plan and invest in our future.

  1. Complete care: everything from one source

We develop, produce and sell our healthcare, fitness and wellness products. Our customers receive everything from one source. We act with them as reliable contact for our customers, cooperation and business partners equally.

  1. Esteem of our employees

A deferential and esteeming contact with our employees is important to us and the key for the success. Only with engaged employees we are able to hold the high level of our services and to increase it in future.

  1. Balance of demanding and promoting

We demand not only a lot of our employees, but support them with specific training and further education, because motivation, creativity and competence have the uppermost premise with us.

  1. Working together on the enterprise success

We develop ideas not only together with our employees and work closely with the conversion of projects, but want our employees to be creative and to realise their ideas. By our co-operative approach our competence is complementary. Our employees can help so actively in the enterprise success.

  1. Work life balance

Who performs professionally a lot, must be able to recover in the spare time. Only the employees are long term motivated and efficient, who can also develop themselves in private life and have time for their families and hobbies. Hence, we place big value of regulated working hours.


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