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smartLAB Helath in Perfection

Our smartLAB brand is a growing German brand, which is becoming increasingly popular with business partners and end customers. With smartLAB, you will add a brand to your product range that, thanks to its increasing reputation, will expand your customers. The smartLAB family includes various lifestyle and healthcare products that stand out not only with their innovative design but also with their high quality. Our customers are enthusiastic about the existing price-performance ratio of our product range and confirm this with positive feedback. Some of our products are produced in Dossenheim and we are proud to use the label “Made in Germany” on these devices. Although other products are not produced in Germany, we attach great importance to giving these smartLAB products that certain something in either in the software or in the optics to make appropriate adjustments and further developments.

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Blood Glucose

The perfect meter for everybody – besides high accuracy and an attractive design, ...

Find the right blood glucose meter according to your needs


Blood Pressure

Convenient Blood Pressure Monitors for your wrist or fully automatic upper arm devices, ...

We offer different blood pressure monitors for upper arm or wrist measurement



Your irreplaceable partner for your weight control – the smartLAB® scales allow ...

We offer different personal and kitchen scales with or without data transmission



In our fitness section, you will find products that help you implement your individual f...

Several fitness sensors to keep track of you fitness

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Step counters

Moving is a good exercize! If you want to count your daily amount of walked steps or if ...

Accurate step counters and activity sensors with data transmission and App

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