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Blood Glucose

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The perfect meter for everybody – besides high accuracy and an attractive design, the Blood Glucose Meters of the smartLAB® family offer different product qualities, according to your personal needs and therapy requirements. The smartLAB Blood Glucose include 2 systems: smartLAB pro – Ideal for self-payers with low follow-up costs smartLAB nG – Ideal for diabetics, as test strips are available on prescription (in Germany) Additionally we offer a smartphone with integrated blood glucose meter –  the hFon plus.

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smartLAB pro Series

smartLAB® pro System especially designed for self-payers with fair prices The smartLAB...

Blood glucose monitors ideal for self-payers

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smartLAB nG Series

smartLAB nG System comply with the newest ISO 15197 Standard The smartLAB® nG blood sug...

Ideal Blood Glucose Monitorings Systems for diabetics

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hFon Plus

The hFon plus Telehealth touch screen smartphone with built-in smartLAB blood glucose me...

(Deutsch) Smartphone mit integriertem Blutzuckermessgerät

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