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smartLAB nG System comply with the newest ISO 15197 Standard

The smartLAB® nG blood sugar meters and the corresponding smartLAB nG test strips represent our „neu Generation“ blood glucose systems and fullfill the newest standard in the blood sugar terms of reference.

These systems are very precise and accurate. Additional some devices have an integrated data transmission technology via Bluetooth® Smart and ANT. These data transfer technologies allow collected data with the smartLAB® devices to be transferred to several receiving devices, which support the standard protocols of Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+.

smartLAB sprint nG Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System

smartLAB sprint nG plus is reliable and compact, has a large display and enough memory c...

"The Practical for Everyone"

smartLAB global W nG Blood Glucose Meter with Bluetooth /ANT+

smartLAB global W nG a Blood Glucose Meter with Bluetooth in a credit card size. The sm...

"The innovator for high mobility”

smartLAB mini nG Blood Glucose Meter

smartLAB mini nG blood glucose meter in credit card size For patients and clients who h...

"The Feathery in a new Generation"

smartLAB sprint nG Blood Glucose Monitoring System

smartLAB sprint nG Blood Glucose Meter with large Display and Memory. smartLAB sprint n...

"The Practical for Everyone"

smartLAB Lancet 100 lancets in a box

smartLAB Lancets can be used in several lancing devices for a low pain sampling of blood...

"Standard and sterile. Works with a lot of lancing devices"

smartLAB nG Blood glucose test strip box

The smartLAB nG Test strips can be used with all smartLAB nG blood glucose meters. Your...

"Accurate and precise results in 5 seconds in a new standard"

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