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smartLAB® pro System especially designed for self-payers with fair prices

The smartLAB® Blood Glucose Systems and the smartLAB® pro test strips are ideal for self-payers and allow an accurate blood glucose control at home. Precise measuring results can be achieved with this user-friendly system for a fair price.

smartLAB Lancet 100 lancets in a box

smartLAB Lancets can be used in several lancing devices for a low pain sampling of blood...

"Standard and sterile. Works with a lot of lancing devices"

smartLAB genie+ blood glucose meter with ANT

smartLAB genie+ blood glucose meter with ANT For all those who attach importance to a c...

The all-rounder for the demanding customers

smartLAB mini Blood Glucose Meter System

smartLAB mini Blood Glucose meter in a size of a credit card For patients and clients w...

"The Feathery for on the way"

smartLAB genie Blood Glucose Meter

smartLAB genie blood glucose meter with large display The smartLAB genie blood glucose...

"The all-rounder for the demanding customers "

smartLAB pro Blood glucose test strip box of 50 pcs

The smartLAB pro test strips can be used with all smartLAB pro blood glucose meters. The...

"Accurate and precise results in 5 seconds"

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