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In our fitness section, you will find products that help you implement your individual fitness plan. Most of these products have an integrated data transmission technology, such as Bluetooth, which lets you view the measured data on your mobile device.

You can also connect our smartLAB® products to other sports equipment, provided the connection is supported by the respective device. Use the smartLAB® Fitness products as an additional motivator and keep an overview of your sporting improvements.

smartLAB GFS Group-Fitness Management System

smartLAB GFS is a group fitness management system that allows you to centrally colle...

The System in Each fitness center

smartLAB hrm A Heart Rate Monitor on the Arm with ANT+ and Bluetooth

"Precise heart rate measurement on the arm" smartLAB hrm A is a heart rate monitor worn...

"Precise heart rate measurement on the arm"

smartLAB cadspeed Speed / Cadence Sensor with ANT+ & Bluetooth

smartLAB cadspeed is a sensor for measuring your speed OR cadence on the bike. The trans...

"Effective cycling with smartLAB cadspeed"

smartLAB combo Bike Speed & Cadence Sensor w. ANT+ & Bluetooth

The smartLAB combo is a sensor for measuring your speed and cadence on the bike. This...

"Your companion on the bike"

smartLAB rope jumping rope with Bluetooth and ANT

The smartLAB rope is a modern skipping rope with integrated data transfer technology and...

"The skipping support for your well-being"

smartLAB hrm W Heart Rate Monitor as Chest belt w. ANT+/ Bluetooth

The smartLAB hrm W heart rate monitor is a sensor type heart rate monitor that will dete...

"Your sports companien with multiple possibilities"

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