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Your irreplaceable partner for your weight control – the smartLAB® scales allow an accurate weight measurement. Additionally body fat, muscle mass, body water as well as bone mass can be displayed.  Also we offer scales for the kitchen – like the smartLAB®diet kitchen scale and smartLAB®kitchen W. This scale has 999 preprogrammed food codes. With this scale a health-conscious user can calculate the nutritional values of his daily meals easily. With the useful adding function meals can be combined individually, weighed and calculated.

smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale with Bluetooth

Your personal kitchen help! The smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale is your personal hel...

Ihre persönliche Küchenhilfe!

smartLAB diet kitchen scale / Nutritional Value Analysis Scales

The peculiarity of the smartLABdiet kitchen scale are its pre-programmed 999 food codes....

"The perfect kitchen help for diabetes"

smartLAB scale bathroom scale / personal scale

smartLAB scale is a personal scale in a unique design for Body weight. The scale can wei...

"The nobel for your bathroom"

smartLAB fit Body-Analyser Scale / Bathroom Scale

The smartLAB fit is a multifunctional scale with an attractive design, with which one ca...

"Your professional body analyzer for your home"

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