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fitmefit food App


The fitmefit food app can be used with the smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale. The measured weight of your food is sent via Bluetooth from the kitchen scale to the app.

Keep track of your diet with the fitmefit food app.

With the fitmefit food App, the values ​​of the smartLAB kitchen W can be displayed and stored locally on the smartphone. In this app, a food database is integrated, which consists of a total of 999 foods. In the future, the database will be expanded.

In addition to storing the values ​​associated with a selected food, the user can specify their own profile data, which can be used to calculate the daily calorie requirement. The user gets an overview of the calorie intake in relation to the daily calorie requirement.

The weighed food values ​​can be stored in the user’s MyDay diary, giving an overview of food intake. If certain foods are not found in the stored grocery list, they can be manually entered and saved. The daily calorie intake is instantly recognizable by a display bar in each window of the app.

The app offers the following advantages:
– Display of weight via the smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scale
– Local storage of measured values ​​on your smartphone or tablet
– Manual weight entry possible
– Calculation of the daily calorie requirement according to the general calorie requirement calculation
– Calculation of nutritional values ​​based on the measured weight of a food
– Overview of calorie intake in relation to daily calorie requirements
– Diary in which the diet is saved by time of day
– 999 foods entered in database (to be extended in the next version)
– Manually enter missing foods based on nutritional information
– Manual entry of the food weight possible
– Meal preparation for simplified entry of food intake

fitmefit food app


fitmefit food app




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