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hFon collect home ANT/Bluetooth Smart/GSM Gateway-Hub

Item number: (Deutsch) H84450
"The independable communicator"

hFon collect home – The easiest way to collect data at home

The hFon collect home is a stationary data collector, which can easily be plugged into the socket at any location. As soon as the data transmitter is supplied with power, measured values ​​- via the smartLAB products – can be transmitted to the Internet and thus to a suitable telemonitoring portal.
The hFon collect home has an ANT + and Bluetooth Smart interface. Thus, measured values ​​of various smartLAB products that support one of these two data transmission technologies can be received and forwarded by the hFon collect home. With a SIM card, which is inserted into the data transmitter, the received data can be transmitted via GSM to the Internet and then to a corresponding portal, where it is processed and stored. Three LED lights on the hFon collect home indicate data reception, data transmission to the Internet, and possible error messages.
The hFon collect home serves as a stationary solution in the Telemonitoring Online Portal hLine-Online.com. This solution is ideal for households that do not have their own PC or Internet connection, as well as no smartphone. hLine-Online.com offers chronically ill people, either through their own control or a mentor / relative, an overview of their own vital data. The entry of the values ​​is automatically made possible by the smartLAB products in connection with a suitable data transmitter. Alarm functions, table view and reporting are just a few of the many great features of hLine-Online.com. After the hFon collect home and the desired smartLAB devices have been entered into the respective profile on hLine-Online.com, the system and the devices as well as the data transmission are automatically set. The hFon collect home only has to be plugged into the socket.




  • Collects data from smartLAB devices
  • Is independent from a PC or mobile device
  • Integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart data transmission
  • Sends data through GSM to the cloud service
  • 3 LED bulb which show operation status
  • Antenna to expand reception radius
  • Will be inserted in the power socket.
  • Automatic setup through the cloud service
  • Is ideal for households with no PC or Internet connection



  • hFon collect home 
  • Antennas
  • Power socket adapter
  • User Manual

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