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hLine-Gluco AP package

Item number: H890090
"The ideal solution for a simplified diabetes management? 

hLine-Gluco AP package incl. smartLAB genie+ blood glucose meter and 1 year membership for one year. Data transfer via hLine App for Android

hLine-Gluco AP is a telemonitoring solution for diabetics, who are frequently out of the house but want to keep track and collect their vital data and are in possession of a Samsung or Sony Smartphone with ANT. With this monitoring system you can collect and send measured data to the hLine-Online.com portal. The smartLAB genie+ is a blood glucose meter with wireless data transmission. The operation of this system is easy and does not differ from other blood glucose systems. The highlight is the integrated wireless data technologies ANT, which automatically send measured values immediately after measurement. The values can be collected, displayed and transferred to the hLine-Online.com Portal with your smartphone through the hLine App. This ONLY works with Samsung and Sony mobile device with Android 4.3 or higher and ANT. Also, you can give a relative or caregiver insight into your values, who can additionally support you. For unusual values, your relative or supervisor will be informed by the hLine-Online.com system.

This package is the solution for a clear diabetes management with your own smartphone. The hLine App is available for Android.

Telemonitoring made easy 

Compared to other telemonitoring concepts, we offer a complete system with the hLine-Online.com solution, in which all devices are compatible with each other and already have the necessary interfaces so that the physician, patient and end user can easily and uncomplicated keep an overview of vital data.

Many older people often struggle with the modern technologies and renewals of modern times. Wireless data transmission, gateways or telemonitoring are often unknown terms that can be confusing and dissuasive.

What is special about hLine-Online.com is that particularly older patients and customers do not have to deal with the technology of the system. Measurements are performed as usual. The values are transferred automatically to the portal.

The devices are also set automatically. Whether it is for the first time or after a battery change. The system sets the time, date and other important vital data on the respective devices.


  • hLine-Gluco AP package incl. smartLAB genie+ and 1-year membership for hLine-Online.com
  • Ideal for self-management as well as relative management
  • Overview of vital data ? Blood glucose values
  • hLine-Online.com telemonitoring portal with alarm function when unusual values appear
  • Very easy handling Automatic setting of system and devices
  • No technical background knowledge needed
  • Measuring devices with easy and familiar handling
  • Ideal for diabetes management Data transfer via Smartphone with hLine App for Android.
  • Only works with Samsung and Sony mobile devices with Android 4.3 or higher and ANT.
  • Compatible test strips for the smartLAB genie+: smartLAB pro test strips


  • 1 smartLAB genie+ blood glucose meter
  • 1 manual
  • 1 Login information for hLine-Online.com Portal with 1-year licence



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