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smartLAB genie Blood Glucose Meter

Item number: D10415
"The all-rounder for the demanding customers "

smartLAB genie blood glucose meter with large display

The smartLAB genie blood glucose meter is an in-vitro-diagnostic medical device used for self monitoring of blood glucose at home or through health care professionals. The smartLAB genie system makes the self monitoring easy and comfortable.

The smartLAB genie system works only with the smartLAB pro test strips and outside the body only (In Vitro Diagnostics). Testing is not valid on natal blood. The smartLAB genie system is a reliable, light, compact and well-designed system.

Even if you are on the road the smartLAB genie system is a great companion especially with the soft case, which can not only hold the system, but also other necessary accessories. Within 5 seconds the results are shown on the illuminated large smartLAB genie LCD display. The new wheel function makes the system even more comfortable to use.

The smartLAB genie system distinguishes itself with very accurate and precise measurements with only a very low quantity of blood needed and is very easy to use. The Your advantage of the smartLAB® genie systems are briefly described as follows:

Your advantage:

  • Comfortable scroll wheel
  • Plasma calibrated
  • Requires only 0,6 µL of whole blood
  • Results within 5 seconds
  • 360 test memory
  • Average values of the last 7, 14,28 or 90 days
  • Works with smartLAB pro test strips, not smartLAB nG


  • 1 smartLAB genie Blood Glucose Meter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 10 smartLAB pro test strips
  • 10 smartLAB Lancet sterile lancets
  • 1 smartLAB Lancing Device
  • 1 Soft Case for safe transportation
  • 1 Quick Start instruction
  • 1 Check Strip
  • 2 AAA 1,5V Lithium batteries



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