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smartLAB pro Blood glucose test strip box of 50 pcs

Item number: D11415
"Accurate and precise results in 5 seconds"

The smartLAB pro test strips can be used with all smartLAB pro blood glucose meters. The smartLAB pro system uses capillary whole blood to measure the blood glucose (ß-D-Glucose). The blood is automatically drawn onto the test strip.
Belonging to the smartLAB pro blood glucose meters are the smartLAB mini, smartLAB genie, smartLAB genie+ and smartLAB global.

Your advantage:

  • Exact results, short messuring time and no coding.
  • smartLAB pro blood glucose test strips only work with smartLAB pro blood glucose meters, such as smartLAB mini, smartLABgenie, smartLAB genie+ amd smartLAB global

Part No.: D11415 EAN: 4260107624356


  • 50 smartLAB®pro Test strips in two vials
  • 1 smartLAB®pro Test strip instruction



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