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smartLAB Smart personal scales

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  • Jun 17, 2016
  • smartLAB

Now work with Garmin Watches & Fitness Trackers with Garmin Connect

With the smartLAB scale App you can collect measured values of your smartLAB Smart scale on your Garmin Watch or Garmin Fitness Tracker and transfer these to your Garmin Connect App. Store

To transfer the data to your Garmin Connect it is required to install the fitmefit move App/ fitmeit scale App on your mobile device, where the Garmin Connect App is installed. Additionally you need to install the smartLAB scale App on your Garmin Watch or Garmin Fitness Tracker.

With the smartLAB scale App up to 50 measurements can be saved and displayed in the App on your Garmin Fitness Tracker.

Before measurement:

  • Connect your Garmin Fitness Tracker with the Garmin Connect App if not already done.
  • Connect the fitmefit move App / fitmefit scale App to your Garmin Connect, by entering your data in system links

Performing a measurement and transmission:

  • Start the scale smartLAB app on your Garmin Watch or Garmin Fitness Tracker and perform a measurement with your smartLAB scale. The data are stored on your Garmin Watch or Fitness Tracker and can be transferred at a later date.
  • To transfer the measured data to your mobile device, start the smartLAB scale App and fitmefit move App / fitmefit scale App. The transmission will work automatically when both Apps are started
  • After the fitmefit App has received the data, these are automatically forwarded to your Garmin Connect

The smartLAB scale App can be downloaded in the Connect IQ Store.

Important: This complicated way of data transfer had to be chosen as a direct transfer from the smartLAB scale to Garmin Connect IQ is not supported by Garmin.

Note: The smartLAB scale App is compatible with all Garmin fitness trackers that support Garmin Connect IQ.


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